Road to Eagle

Eagle Rank Requirements

Eagle Scout Rank Worksheet

Eagle Scout Rank Application

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

Eagle Project Planning

  1. Choose the organization that will benefit from your service project.
  2. Contact the organization, discuss and get an authorized representative’s agreement for the proposed project
  3. Develop of schedule for the preparation and execution of the project
  4. Write a contact list of the volunteers you will lead in this project (scouts, friends, family, etc.)
  5. Develop a budget and fundraising plan.
  6. Discuss the proposed project with the scoutmaster.
  7. Meet with Committee to review your proposed service project.
  8. Complete the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook Proposal
  9. Gather all approvals and signatures on the Proposal before starting the project.
  10. Once your Proposal has been approved, complete the Plan portion of the workbook.

Executing your Eagle Project

  1. Confirm all dates, locations, supplies, volunteers, etc.
  2. Keep the beneficiary and volunteers updated and informed
  3. Make sure your delegates know their duties and goals.
  4. Arrive at your project early. Direct and supervise your delegates and volunteers.

Finalizing your Eagle Project

  1. Complete the Report section of the workbook.
  2. Submit all paperwork to the scoutmaster