Wint-o-ree at Alpine

Date:  January 10-12, 2020

Transportation: Scouts must secure their own individual transportation arrangements, the camp is approximately 1-hour driving distance.

Location:  Alpine Scout Camp, NJ

Departure:  Friday, January 10th @ 7:30PM New Covenant Church

Return: All scouts must be picked up at Alpine Scout Camp by Sunday Morning, January 12 @ 10:00 AM

*Scouts are released to their parents after the closing ceremony*

*Scouts MUST RETURN to New Covenant Church to help pack up troop equipment after we depart from Alpine*

Meals: Please be sure to eat before arriving on Friday.

We will be purchasing our meals for Saturday.

There will be a light snack on Sunday Morning.

Equipment: Sleeping bag, Camping gear, Tent, Mess Kit.  We are staying in a cabin.  If you need to stay in a tent (ie. You want to fulfill a requirement) please bring your tent and buddy up with someone else that needs to stay in a tent as well

Attire: Please be sure to wear your Class A Uniform to and from the camping trip.  No sash required. Please dress appropriately, the majority of the weekend will take place outside. 

No sneakers wear boots and dress in layers.

Cost: $25 per scout – This will be used to purchase our meals for Saturday, the cabin cost, and registration. No payments 

Payments will be accepted in person or via CashApp or Venmo app to “TroopTwoSixThree” 

Troop 263 Camping Trip – Baitling Hollow Scout Camp

MANDATORY DOCUMENTS for Scouts Ages 13 and up:

  1. Medical form Parts A & B Click here 
  2. C.O.P.E./Climbing Release form click here for the release.

Project C.O.P.E. incorporates a series of outdoor challenges designed to foster problem solving and teamwork in a group setting. At Baiting Hollow Scout Camp, the focus is on fun filled challenges. Most people find that they can do much more than they initially thought. By the end of the program, participants learn more than they ever expected. All activities are “Challenge by Choice.” Everyone is encouraged by staff and team members, but no one is forced to participate in the activities. For ages 13 and up.

Climbing Tower, Low COPE Course &  High COPE Courses (September through Thanksgiving, April 1 through mid-June)

COPE & Climbing activities must be booked at least two weeks in advance and can be booked through our online facilities reservation system (look for COPE & Climbing in the drop down menu). Check out our COPE Program Brochure for more information and pricing.

Click here for the medical form Parts A & B and here for the release.   

Click here for our flyer.

For more information about COPE & Climbing at BHSC, click here for our brochure.